Pointer, also known as the English Pointer, originated in Great Britain in the 1600s. The Pointer would find and point game, and then Greyhounds would be turned loose to run down the prey. When guns came into use, the Pointer was still valued for the ability to pinpoint prey.

Today’s English Pointer dog breed stands 23 to 28 inches tall and weighs 45 to 75 pounds. The English Pointer is very much an athlete. Her head is medium width, and her muzzle has good length. Her eyes are round and dark and ears are dropped. Her back is strong, and her tail tapers to a fine point. Her coat is short and dense and is liver, lemon, orange, or black, with or without white. The coat should be brushed weekly with a soft bristle brush.

The Pointer is a breed driven to hunt; she has a strong prey drive and the body of a superb athlete. The English Pointer needs vigorous daily exercise; without it, she will find potentially destructive ways to amuse herself. She can run alongside a bicycle, go jogging with her owner, train on the agility course, or play flyball. Many Pointers have done well in canine sports, while others compete in field trials. English Pointers also need obedience training. Without training, this energetic breed can be hard to control and quite mischievous. Until taught the household rules, the English Pointer can easily entertain herself—much to her owner’s dismay. This training will help to develop your Pointer’s manners for the enjoyable years ahead as a true member of the family.

Socialisation is also important; Pointers can be protective of their homes. Their vocal abilities may be too loud for close neighbours. The English Pointer is not the right dog for a sedentary owner; she needs an owner who can keep her busy. The English Pointer breed retains its hunting instincts and is still widely used as a superb hunting companion. The English Pointer is usually great with children, although English Pointer puppies can be rough and rowdy. Care should be taken with smaller pets. Health concerns include eye disorders and deafness.

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