Finding a Breeder

Making any decision in life that means either a long term commitment or a significant change to our life style we should do as much research and gain as much information as possible to help make the right choices, and buying a puppy, especially if it’s your first, can fall into that category. When looking for a healthy pedigree puppy purchasing from the right breeder is a priority and purchasing a puppy or dog from a kennel club assured or registered breeder will give the best opportunity to choose a healthy happy dog that’s right for you.

Below is a check list of things a breeder should offer a prospective puppy purchaser before they make any final decision and information to ask for once you have committed to purchasing a puppy.

  • The breeder should let you the see the puppies with their mother. This will not only allow you to gauge the temperament of the mother (Dam), but may also give you an idea of the size of the puppy when fully grown.
  • Allow you to see all the puppies and be able to handle them, not only the puppy or puppies being offered to you.
  • You can also ask for advice on training and exercise, this will very much depend on your
    chosen breed.See choosing the right breed of dog for you.
  • Make sure you are clear on the puppy’s vaccinations, what it has had and which immunisation
    it will need in the future.
  • Registration of the litter with the Kennel Club and each puppy is the responsibility of the breeder which takes approximately fourteen days and each will be given an official registered Kennel Club name.
  • A dog advertised as Kennel Club registered, will mean it has been issued a Kennel Club Registration Certificate which you should receive from the breeder. Once you have purchased your puppy and received the registration certificate from the breeder you must contact the Kennel Club to transfer your dog into your own name. (The signature of the breeder is necessary to complete this).
  • The breeder should provide a contract of sale outlining amongst other things, any official endorsements that have been put on record and any purchasers rights and is something to discuss with the breeder.
  • You should receive a copy of the puppies pedigree showing the blood line of the parents
    (sire and dam).

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