English Setter

One of the most glamorous of all breeds, the English Setter has the ability to attract not only those who admire a stylish worker, but also those who want a dog capable of being a cheerful companion.

His coat has an overall basis of white, flecked generously with black, lemon or liver, with the black or liver occasionally intermingled with tan into a tricolour. The flecking is referred to by the cognoscenti as ‘belton’, thus lemon belton or orange belton. A longish, fairly lean head on a slightly arched neck, well-set shoulders and firm straight bone, a deep chest and strong muscular hindquarters are the hallmarks of a handsome breed that should combine elegance, quality and stamina under a silky, easily groomed coat.

Development of the English Setter into the breed as we know it today began around the mid-1800s. The breed was shown at the first dog show in Newcastle in 1859.

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