Cesky Terrrier

Cesky Terrier is a well-muscled, short legged, well-pigmented, hunting terrier of a rectangular format.

The Cesky Terrier dog breed was created by a Czech dog breeder, František Horák, in 1948, as a cross between aSealyham Terrier and a Scottish Terrier, to create a terrier suitable for hunting in the forests of Bohemia.

The Cesky Terrier dog breed standard calls for a calm dog, and aggression is a disqualifying fault. Cesky Terriers are reputed to be less active and quieter than other terriers.This may or may not make them suitable pets for families with children – it depends on the family.

Cesky Terriers are loyal family members who require continued socialisation throughout their lives due to their reserved nature towards strangers. They are an active dog breed and like most terriers, love to dig. Cesky terriers require a moderate amount of grooming with monthly clippings. A secure backyard where the breed can get regular exercise is strongly recommended.

The Cesky Terrier dog breed is now recognised by all of the major kennel clubs in the world. The Cesky Terrier is considered as one of the most rare dog breeds worldwide.

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